About Harv Sawatzky Photography

I am a Winnipeg based freelance photographer. I have been capturing images of the world around me for over 30 years.   My images have been used in travel books, calendars, postcards, fine art prints, and stock photography. Photography has taken me from coast to coast to coast in Canada and to a number of other countries.

As a photographer, I enjoy exploring the small and large landscapes in search of a captivating image.  My goal is to explore, record and share the fascinating beauty of the ever-changing light in the world around us.

Over the years I have worked with large format, medium format and 35 mm cameras and lenses and now work almost exclusively with digital cameras. I have a large inventory of 35 mm stock photographs and will be scanning and posting these images. 

For the last few years I have been working on self-assignments to stretch my creativity.

My photographs are available for prints and as stock images. I am also available for assignments. If there is something you like in my on-line portfolio please contact me for pricing or use the online pricing and purchasing system. If you want to purchase more than five images at one time please contact me for discount pricing. All images are available in JPEG format. Most images that are larger than 4 MB are available in NEF RAW format or as DNGs. Other formats are available; please let me know what format you prefer.

Clients have included:
  • Travel Manitoba
  • British Columbia Tourism
  • Greater Vancouver Regional District
  • Destination Winnipeg
  • Canadian Forest Service
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Calm Air
  • Book Publishers
  • Graphic Designers